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141 Patients failed to attend appointments in August 2019. 

88% Likely 12% unlikely to recommend us in August 2019.

12,906 visitors used our website in August 2019.

European Immunization Week 2019 24–30 April 2019

Every year, the WHO European Region marks European Immunization Week (EIW) to promote immunization as a vital tool to prevent disease and protect life.

This year, on 24–30 April 2019, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the facts about vaccines and to celebrate the “vaccine heroes” who contribute in so many ways to protecting lives through immunization.

You can also be a #vaccinehero by spreading the facts about vaccines! Share the below social media tiles or download the posters. The materials are currently available in Azerbaijani, English, French, German, Georgian, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Uzbek. More languages will be added in the coming days leading up to EIW.

Click Here to see more

National Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week

DAY 1 Monday 01/04/19

Today is the start of national Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week. Around 200,000 people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every year. Over the next five days we will be sharing with you services that are available within our local area, which can try and help reduce the risk of people developing Type 2 Diabetes #diabetespreventionweek

National Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week

DAY 2 Tuesday 02/04/19

 Achieve Healthy Weight Loss delivers free programmes from over 50 locations across Oxfordshire. This makes our range of support easily accessible. In addition to our own “Lose Weight with Achieve” programme we work with a range of partners to give you free access to the leading weight-loss programmes.

 This link is for a Oxfordshire weight loss service that individuals can self-refer too.

This is the link for talking therapies. ATalkingSpace Plus we work actively with people struggling with depression and anxiety, associated with living with Diabetes.

National Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week

DAY 3 Wednesday 03/04/19

Diet and exercise advice to reduce diabetes risk

If you are overweight or obese aim to lose a substantial amount of weight (15kg/2.5stone) within 3-5 months. There are different ways to lose weight and it’s important to find the right approach for you. Rapid weight loss is not advised if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have been diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Key recommendations include –restricting energy intake, increase fiber intake and increase physical activity.

Include more wholegrains, fruit and leafy green vegetables, yoghurt and cheese, tea and coffee.

Reduce red and processed meat, potatoes, particularly chips, sugar sweetened drinks and refined carbohydrates, this includes cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets, chocolates, fruit juices and white rice.

Aim for 30mins exercise 5 times a week to raise your heart beat. Activities like walking fast, cycling jogging or swimming all count. Add some activity that strengthens your muscles, like gardening or yoga, twice a week.

What is Carbs & Cals?

Carbs & Cals is a unique way of counting carbs, calories and other nutrients. Our products show thousands of photos of food portions, with the nutritional info shown for each photo. Check out our bestselling books & award-winning app. We make carb & calorie counting easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

National Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week

DAY 4 Thursday 04/04/19

This PDF link is Cherwell Go Active and shows all the exercise activities/groups there available in the area. Including walking, running, zumba, dancing, football, exercise groups for 50+ and more!

National Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week

DAY 5 Friday 05/04/19

Last link of the week focusing towards men who want to loose weight by joining teams to play football. If they loose weight in between sessions their team goes up by a few goals before the match is even played.

click on link to view

Blandford Fly Bite

Parking on New Road - A Cyclists View

Working at South Bar House, parking my car in the car park here is not an option.  Many of my colleagues park off site, pay for parking at a pay and display or, as in my case, cycle.  The benefits of cycling are many:  health and exercise, fresh air, low cost.  I also look a vision in fluorescent pink (no lycra)!

Having traversed the traffic and people walking out in front of me, I dodge huge potholes especially by the traffic lights near the Bloxham Road.  Eventually I turn into New Road, alongside South Bar House.   Inevitably cars are parked all along New Road on the single yellow line.   I have looked up the rules of parking along a single yellow line:

A single yellow line indicates that parking or waiting at that roadside is prohibited at certain times of day. The times are indicated by signs at the roadside, which state “No Parking or waiting between 08:00am and 18:00 pm”

We park our bikes under the back of the building, so on exiting I need to turn left onto New Road.  Very often there are vehicles parked on my side of the road opposite the parked cars on the yellow line.  I can’t see round them and I can’t push my bike up the pavement because vehicles are parked on the pavement. 

Access for Emergency Vehicles

What has prompted me to raise this matter is that recently an ambulance could not manoeuvre away from the building with a poorly patient on board.  Please consider this when parking near the surgery.  The paramedic had to physically reverse the car up the road a little bit to get the ambulance out.  The driver may have just ‘popped to the chemist’ but it made a bad situation very much worse.

Occasionally parking attendants patrol to issue parking tickets to drivers parked illegally.  I ask you to think about this, would you want a fine?  More importantly please think about where you are parking in terms of access to this building.  Think of emergency vehicles, disabled drivers, pedestrians and in particular children walking to and from school.    Finally, would you kindly spare a thought for the cyclist who has lots to think about in keeping herself safe without the added problems of illegally parked vehicles?  Thank you

Car Park

All West Bar Surgery patients and pharmacy customers can park in the car park and get a parking permit from the iPad’s situated at the Pharmacy entrance and the West Bar Surgery waiting rooms.

Patient Access to Medical Records Register online

 Would you like a simple way to order repeat prescriptions without having to call the pharmacy?

Patient Access is an online service provided by EMIS Health. They provide the clinical system that connects patients with medical services and records at West Bar Surgery. Your Patient Access account is maintained and regulated by West Bar Surgery

Sign up online for a Patient Access account in a few clicks and you can use your PC, tablet or smartphone to:

  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Book appointments

There is an option to apply for an enhanced status of Patient Access, which will enable you to view not only your repeat prescriptions, and appointments, but your results and immunisations.  To do this you will need to provide photo proof of ID at the surgery.

Patients who do not have a passport or driving license can use their bus pass and other forms of ID when signing up for Patient Access.  In addition staff at the practice can vouch for a patients identity if they know them.  If they don’t know them they can ask them questions using information from their medical record to ascertain that they are who they claim to be.  Therefore it is possible to sign up without photo ID.  Anyone in any doubt should contact reception for advice.

How to Register online for Patient Access

Use the steps below to create a Patient Access account. Open your browser and go to Click the Registration button.

  1. Follow the instructions to find West Bar Surgery; West Bar’s Postcode is OX16 9AD
  2. Type your personal details, create a password (This should be longer than six characters and contain at least one number and one capital letter), and then complete the security questions. Be sure to make a note of your password. If you forget your password, you will need to log on to the Patient Access portal.
    Make a note of the user ID that's generated for you
    and use this to sign in to Patient Access from now on.

Car Parking Update 

As you will know the car parking availability at South Bar House is often fully utilised and therefore results in patients having to wait for a space. Whilst we have investigated the availability of additional parking there isn’t any in close proximity to the surgery.


However we have identified that each day spaces are “lost” to people using the car park but not attending the building or attending but then walking into town. It is too expensive to employ a full time car park attendant to prevent the inappropriate use of the car park but with the support of our landlord we have identified a car park management company who, through the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, will be able to identify vehicles that have been parked inappropriately.


In essence vehicles will be identified as entering and leaving the car park. Once identified as entering there is a half hour period of parking allowed, which can be extended by the vehicle owner entering the registration number into a computer within the building. This will then accommodate patients whose appointment has been delayed. If the vehicle has not left the car park by the time the parking period has expired the car park management company will issue a parking charge to the vehicle owner.


The car park management company have experience in working in a number of healthcare environments and have confirmed that, in their experience, this method of managing inappropriate car park use has quickly made spaces more readily available to the patient population.


Further details will be available shortly on signs within the car park, and on information available within the surgery.

Sick notes / Med 3 certificates

If you are off work for less than 7 days, you do not need a sick note (Med 3). We will not issue one. If you are off for longer than 7 days then we can issue a sick note, so long as you were off work because you were unwell obviously. If you feel well enough to return to work before the sick note runs out, you do not need a note to go back to work.

If you have been off work for a long time with an illness then we will often suggest a 'fit' note. This is to allow you to return to work gradually, or on light duties, or other adaptations to your normal job. 

In the very unusual situation of your employer requesting a sick note prior to 7 days having elapsed you may find it helpful to download the attached guidance for employers and give it to them. It makes the legal situation very clear. If they are insistent, we will ask them to pay a fee up front and then we may be able to issue a private certificate, within a routine administrative time period.

It should be noted that sick/fit notes are administrative tasks, unrelated to the acute management of illness and are NEVER an emergency. If your sick note has run out and you are still unwell then we can, if appropriate, issue a back dated sick/fit note. If you contact us requesting a sick note, the request will go to the GP dealing with your current illness in a routine admin folder.

When you get a sick note/Med3 you should make a photocopy of the original & give copies to your employer/DWP to keep, by copying the original you can send it by email if possible, you could take a photo of the original on your phone to keep as a copy.

Keep the original in a safe place as you employer/DWP may want sight of the original as well. 

We do not routinely issue duplicates of sick notes/Med3 and will have to charge a fee for printing copies.

Please click HERE to go to the DWP site and download The fit note guidance for patients and employees.

Warning Hair straighteners.

We have had quite a few toddlers with nasty burns from Mum's hair straighteners recently.
Hair straighteners can reach temperatures of 235oC – that’s as hot as an iron. 
In fact, they get so hot you could cook bacon on them. If they can fry bacon, imagine what they can do to a child’s skin! Hair straighteners can get hot very quickly – some take just 15 seconds. And they can stay very hot for a long time after you have unplugged them – some are still hot enough to burn after 15 minutes. 

Many parents don’t know just how easily they can burn young children.  So they leave their straighteners to cool down on the floor, bedside cabinet or hanging over the door handle.

The skin of a baby or toddler is much thinner than that of an adult, so their skin burns more quickly and at lower temperatures. Toddlers don’t really understand hot and cold, or that heat burns. They don’t know to pull away from something that’s burning them, which is why they can be so badly burnt.  And they won’t necessarily learn from experience not to do it again.

Small children can understand the instruction ‘hot, don’t touch’. But they don’t really understand danger or consequences. And they don’t have reliable memory, so they may not always remember what they’ve been told, especially if excited or distracted. 

If hair straighteners are left lying around, crawling babies, toddlers and small children can: 
Grab at them and burn their hands or wrists
Step or sit on them and burn their legs or feet
Pull them down on top of themselves and burn their face
Copy adults and try to use them.

So please:
Put them out of reach straight away
Put them in a heat-proof pouch if you have one
Put them well out of reach and sight, say on a high shelf.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason PLEASE INFORM US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order for us to give the slot to someone else. Even a last minute cancellation can sometimes be used. If you do not cancel and you do not turn up we reserve the right to use our DNA policy. You can phone us on 01295 256261 or text us on 07501329572 stating your surname and date of birth to cancel your appointment. PLEASE NOTE THIS NUMBER IS FOR TEXTS ONLY.  Calls are not answered. You can also cancel your appointment by Email:  or cancel your appointment by logging on to EMIS Patient Access. If you have not already registered please go to   to register.

Q: why does the receptionist need to ask what is wrong with me?

We have asked Dr Stephen Haynes to explain why this is necessary.

The reception staff are members of the practice team and it has been agreed they should ask patients ‘why they need to be seen?’.

Reception staff are trained to ask certain questions in order to ensure that you receive the most appropriate medical care, from the most appropriate health professional, at the most appropriate time.

Sometimes your problem may be better dealt with by another member of the team, sometimes it can be resolved by telephone without you needing to travel to the surgery. Often a special appointment is required with pre-planning. The more information you can give the receptionist the more likely the appointment will match your need.

Receptionists are asked to collect brief information from patients to ensure that all patients receive the appropriate level of care, to direct patients to see the nurse or other health professional rather than a doctor where appropriate.

Reception staff, like all members of the team, are bound by confidentiality rules; any information given by you is treated strictly confidentially.  The Practice would take any breach of confidentiality very seriously .  

You can ask to speak to a receptionist in private away from reception. However if you feel an issue is very private and do not wish to say what this is then this will be respected.

We acknowledge that there may be times when you don’t want to share your information with the Reception team and just wish to discuss a personal issue with a clinician , if so please just say this to the receptionist.


Thank you for your support
Dr Stephen Haynes
Senior partner


Civil Enforcement Ltd is the parking company that looks after the South Bar House car park. This company is employed by the landlords of South Bar House (Assura) and is nothing to do with West Bar Surgery and the surgery receives no payment from them.

Why is Civil Enforcement Ltd monitoring the car park?
People are parking their cars, sometimes all day, and going to work or into the town to shop. This car park is provided for users of South Bar House only; anyone not authorised to park there will get a parking ticket.
If you have an appointment at West Bar Surgery and you park your car in the car park the ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) camera will take a picture of your car as you enter and record the time of arrival. It will then record the time that you leave as you drive out. When entering the surgery area you should book in with reception, or use the self-book in monitor, then enter your registration number in the smaller monitor on the wall next to it.

Enter your registration number, confirm your registration number, if you have entered your details correct you will see your car details on the screen, you will then have a parking permit for one hour, if your appointment is running late, then please re-enter your registration for a further one hours parking, there is a second registration monitor in the small waiting area.

If you receive a parking ticket for the day you attended an appointment and you know that you entered your registration number into the monitor, you should contact West Bar and speak to them before paying and they will be able to help you. If you pay the parking fine first you will not be able to appeal as you will have accepted that you made a mistake.

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE the ticket the fine will be for £60 if this ticket is ignored after 14 days the fine will increase to £100, ignoring the ticket after this will result in a larger fine of a minimum £200.

Civil Enforcement Ltd employs about four different companies who are a solicitors chasing team, when a fine and reminders have been ignored, each solicitors chasing team have their own fee and could increase the parking fine to over £200.

10 things you need to know about your back.

There is a good leaflet and information on back problems on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists website please click HERE to view.


The NHS Health Check is a health check-up for adults in England aged 40-74. It's designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions. An NHS Health Check helps find ways to lower this risk.

If you’re in the 40-74 age group without a pre-existing condition, you may be contacted by the surgery to invite you for a free NHS Health Check every five years.

Patients can call in themselves and book an appointment, the surgery would just need to see if you are on any of the pre-existing disease registers.

The Health Check consists of asking you a few simple questions, and taking your BP, Height, Weight and a blood test.

Once you’ve had your NHS Health Check, your healthcare professional will discuss your results with you.

You’ll be given advice to help you lower your risk of a stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes or dementia and maintain or improve your health.

Health News from the BBC and the NHS

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